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How to Choose a High quality Lighter---Practical Tips for Purchas

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How to Choose a High quality Lighter---Practical Tips for Purchase

Lighter type has a lot of kinds, everybody should choose the style that he likes when buying lighter and kind, the colour and lustre that wants to see electroplating to cover next how, must buy colour and lustre is bright, and cannot have the phenomenon such as flaking, bubble.If you buy a gas lighter, you should see whether there is a more obvious phenomenon such as rushing fire or contracting fire, or air leakage after inflation, if there is such a phenomenon, do not buy, lighter leakage can easily happen accidents.Here's a look at four things.

Lighters with good touch have a history of nearly 200 years. With the development of The Times, the pursuit of appearance, practicality and other aspects is more and more personalized.However, no matter what the design concept, it will take into account the user's comfort level.Usually, the length of the lighter is designed with the length of the second part of the finger, so that the appearance feels more comfortable for the user to hold.

Many lighter lovers are fascinated by the unique sound they hear when they open it.When a high-quality metal lighter is opened, the sound should be crisp and pleasant, producing a brief and powerful sound.

--Feel good

Buy lighter besides look from outside, consider its practical even, because this is when you are in choose and buy lighter, must open cover to touch the fire wheel of lighter, the ability that the fire wheel of high-quality lighter is paid turn 67 thousand times, loose degree of fire wheel is moderate, natural meeting makes you when you are striking comfortable, matchless smooth.

--Strong Flame

The flame intensity of high-quality lighter should be able to withstand the test of wind blowing. When you are shopping, you can identify the flame intensity through the method of mouth blowing, with the mouth gently blowing two times, if the flame is not extinguished, still bright, that proves to be a high-quality lighter.

1. Lighters are consumables, so please pay attention to maintenance

Firestone gas lighters need to clean the ignition port regularly, because the dust will fall around the ignition port after the friction of firestone. In addition, the ignition of the gas engine must not be cleaned with liquid!In addition, the silver-plating or silver-wrapping machine can be wiped with silver cloth or silver washing water, most of the 8 percent of the new machine will be wiped to the state of 95 new or above.

2. Adjust the temperature of the flame according to the instruction

Many friends will often adjust the flame after getting the machine, this is the most undesirable practice, once the flame is adjusted, do not go to move again easily, the adjustment process must pay attention to the key points on the specification, cannot exceed 10 degrees at a time, special remind, after some adjust the device exceed 90 degrees, the machine will be scrapped.

3. Be sure to use clean gas

It is recommended to use the special gas bottle, although the phenomenon of selling fake gas is the same, but big brands are generally guaranteed. If you want to use the ordinary gas bottle to inflate, you must choose the clean one.